Two Prayers



You choose to own me
despite and within everything,
in a place
at the core of my life,
both removed and essential.

At that wordless
unwordable pool,
I bless You, singular
and whole,
and bow before Love as
it laps at the edges of my soul,

as it breaks
in pure revelation
that holiness
exceeds any act of will;
that grace is a desirous God
who possesses me there.


Still ourselves, we are more one
than separate now,
Heart over heart, heart within Heart,
like a word’s meaning
caressed within its sound.

I drink from that union
like the verdant earth drinks
from its deep reserve of water.
It is Your color that flushes the shape
of every blossom sprung from me.

But that water, once tasted
precludes satiety by any other water.
There is no return for me now
to a season not fed by you.

What I have given you, then
is the whole seed of my life.

Love it in that way.

Music: Magnum Mysterium ~ Voces 8

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