The End of Summer

September has barely poked its nose through the door, but already we see signs of Autumn.  A slight gold shimmers on the trees.  Geese gather in noisy expectation.  Early morning sheds its night veil in slower layers of magenta and blue.  There have even been a few sweet nights when we can open the windows wide and sleep in the crisp September air.  All the signs are there — it is a new season – “The Season of Freshness”.

“Fresh” is a powerful word.  Who can resist the crisply-aproned waiter suggesting, “Fresh ground pepper?”  Who can ignore the aroma of fresh baked bread?  Some of us even remember with appreciation the scent of linens fresh from our mother’s clothesline.

Let this beautiful season remind us that each day the Creator shakes out a fresh beginning for every one of us.  With every radiant morning, the slate is clear with mercy. The opportunity to re-create the world awaits us.  Our lives, our work, our relationships are the fresh bread of God’s hope for us. Within them, we are invited to reveal that powerful grace which runs just under the visibility of the ordinary.  It whispers to us, “You are Beloved, and I want your life to be a fountain of joy.”

September is for fresh beginnings:
a sparkling season, an unmarked semester,
a turning of the garden, a clean page.  
It is nature’s way of saying
forgiveness is possible,
life is resilient,
hope is eternal. 

Imagine September as the white-aproned waiter inviting you to freshness.  At the Creator’s table, the tablecloth is clean and the sacred menu is forgiveness, hope, mercy and renewed beginnings. Don’t miss this opportunity to assess what needs refreshment in your life.  Feast on September’s graces! They can be life-changing!

Music: Summer’s End – Michael Jones

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