Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2021

Dear Friends of Lavish Mercy,
Merry Christmas to you all over the world! Special greetings to our many friends in Australia, Great Britain, Ireland and the USA!
Thank you for your participation with and encouragement for Lavish Mercy. Each day, I offer grateful prayers for each one of you. But especially on Christmas, I pray that you and your loved ones will be blessed with the abundance of God’s Lavish Mercy.

With deep gratitude, Sister Renee

19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. sistercathe

    Merry Christmas, Renee! Thank you for being a huge source of Light for me through your daily reflections! You so generously give of yourself through your gift of writing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! May 2022 bring you a healthy body and peaceful heart! Love, Cathe

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  2. Sue Worthington

    May the Peace, Love, Joy of our newborn King fill your heart today and throughout the New Year. Thank you for sharing so much with us every day in such a special way. His Lavish Mercy lives in you!!! God love you!
    Love, Sue

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  3. Maureen Roe

    Dearest Woman of Mercy!
    Your gifts have been shared with folks all around the world 🌎. I am happy to be one of them. My spirit is filled each day.
    Wishing you a season of great joy! Maureen

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