Daylight Savings Time – 2022

Let Daylight Saving Time Bless You


It was the house we had grown up in and its now empty corners echoed a thousand joys. My brother and I stood on its threshold, ready for the final time to close the door behind us. Mom had died eight months before, following Dad to a home we believed in. Now the house had been sold, emptied, cleaned and blessed. It was time to move on.

That moment on the threshold
is a still-shot in the memory
of those long-ago days.
Such a moment is the tight-wire
between memory and promise;
the border between regret and gratitude.
It is the passageway
between fear and trust.
It is the line we draw
between loneliness and independence.
Such a moment is like the soft, grey stillness
just before dawn
when everything is possible
but nothing is yet real.
It is an exquisite time
when life invites us to become
all and more than we had ever been.

These early weeks of daylight savings time are like that threshold.  They give us a second chance, beyond winter, to pause at the shadowed lintel and to enter the power of pre-dawn.

photo credit: Katelyn Yann Clayton

Early mornings which, in the past few weeks, had been brightening now plunge back into shadows.

This is a grace-filled liminal time where we might recall all the many doorways we have crossed on the journey to who we are.

It is a time we might reflect on the invitations offered at each crossing and who we have become because of our yeses and our nos.

It is a time to wait for new light, but still to bless the rich darkness that holds the deep roots of our life.

It is a time to realize that we lift our foot for the next step purely on the music of all that has been given to us.


Let’s not take this annual transition for granted.  It has so much to offer us as we pass mysteriously through time.

Some lovely accompanying music: Somewhere in Time

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