In Every Age

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Today, in Mercy, we remember St. Boniface, the great Apostle of Germany, and considered one of Europe’s founders. A quote from his extensive writings says: “What we ourselves cannot bear, let us bear with the help of Christ.”

Today’s psalm carries a similar sentiment: 

“In every age, O Lord,
you have been our refuge.” 

This prayer offers us at least two considerations for our meditation:

  1. Consider how faithful God has been to you throughout your “generations “, and to the many generations of your family on whose shoulders you stand.
  2. What is it, at this age in your life, for which you most need God’s help and “refuge”?

In Every Age

In your prayer, let yourself rest against God’s love and strength, as you would rest against a sturdy rock. Imagine that the afternoon sun has warmed a crevice in that rock, just your size, and waiting to embrace you. When you leave it at the end of your prayer, leave all your worries, fears and anxieties with it – trusting them to God’s kindness and power.

Music: In Every Age ~ Janèt Sullivan Whitaker

The “Scriptures of Our Lives”

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Readings: Acts 13:13-25; Psalm 89; John 13:16-20

Today, in Mercy, our readings continue to extol the blessings of salvation history as it culminates in the Resurrection. In Acts, Paul recounts God’s presence throughout the Jewish Scriptures . In John’s Gospel, Jesus speaks about the fulfillment of these scriptures in Himself. Psalm 89 allows us to offer thanks for God’s presence throughout the “scriptures of our lives.” Are there times in your life when you remember God’s presence most gratefully? Are there times God has carried you through to salvation? Mary sang her thanks so beautifully that I thought our prayer would be blessed by a song about her.

Can Love Survive Without Truth?

Monday, April 16, 2018: Today, in Mercy, we meet Stephen, proto-martyr of the Christian faith. Like Jesus, Stephen is persecuted for his goodness. Like Jesus, Stephen had false witnesses presented against him. How can Love survive in the absence of Truth? And yet, as today’s Gospel assures is, it does. We live in a time that has forgotten the essence and value of truthfulness. We live in a world where some people’s lives are a lie – a pretense of who they truly are as children of God. But our faith calls us to truth, mercy, justice and commitment to Christ’s teachings. May we be inspired by the witness of Stephen and his companions to tell the truth, be the truth, call for truth in others.