In Every Age

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Today, in Mercy, we remember St. Boniface, the great Apostle of Germany, and considered one of Europe’s founders. A quote from his extensive writings says: “What we ourselves cannot bear, let us bear with the help of Christ.”

Today’s psalm carries a similar sentiment: 

“In every age, O Lord,
you have been our refuge.” 

This prayer offers us at least two considerations for our meditation:

  1. Consider how faithful God has been to you throughout your “generations “, and to the many generations of your family on whose shoulders you stand.
  2. What is it, at this age in your life, for which you most need God’s help and “refuge”?

In Every Age

In your prayer, let yourself rest against God’s love and strength, as you would rest against a sturdy rock. Imagine that the afternoon sun has warmed a crevice in that rock, just your size, and waiting to embrace you. When you leave it at the end of your prayer, leave all your worries, fears and anxieties with it – trusting them to God’s kindness and power.

Music: In Every Age ~ Janèt Sullivan Whitaker

What About the Other Guy?

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Today, in Mercy, we walk with the Risen Jesus and his dearest disciples along the seashore.  Jesus has just cooked breakfast for the fellas.  He then tells Peter that he is to take Jesus’ place as “shepherd of the lambs and sheep”. Jesus tells Peter that he is to follow in the way of Jesus.  That’s a pretty profound command! Peter knows full well what happened to Jesus.

And dear, earthy, impulsive Peter, turns aside distractedly and notices John.  Peter says, “What about him?” You can almost see Jesus take hold of Peter’s face, turn his eyes directly into Jesus’ own eyes and say, ”Pay attention.  I’m talking to YOU – not him.”

We can love Peter because we’ve all been like him numerous times in our lives.  God is calling, or giving us a message and we distract ourselves from its power by worrying about things that are unimportant or none of our business. We start asking a million questions when there is only one answer: respond with trust.

Jesus’ final words to Peter are ones we might ponder: ”You follow me.”  The implication is that, if we do, then God will take care of the other guy – and everything else.

John 21_21

Music: Follow Me  by Casting Crowns

In this song, you will hear echoes of Jesus’ call to many people throughout the Gospel: the first disciples, the woman taken in adultery, the good thief and, perhaps, even to us.