One Heart and Mind

Tuesday, April 10, 2018: Today, in Mercy, our readings visit some of the earliest Christians: Nicodemus, Matthias and Barnabas. Each one is engaging his own call to this new, post-Resurrection community. Act 1:1 describes the deep love and fervor of this group who held all in common and loved one another. We live in many communities: family, faith, friends, neighborhood, school, work, country, world, Creation. What is my level of commitment to love, justice and Mercy among those with whom I share life?

( I am trying to post each reflection on the evening before, so that it can be used to prepare tomorrow’s morning prayer, if desired.)


4 thoughts on “One Heart and Mind

  1. octogenerian

    Renee, I just love to read and meditate on your insights. Thank you also for posting it the evening before. May we all continue to live simply and gratefully. Today’s readings from scripture were so appropriate for each of us. Easter blessings!

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