I Can See

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Readings: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/071118.cfm


Today, in Mercy, on this feast of St. Benedict, we pray with the words of Psalm 105:

Seek always the face of the Lord.

One of the fundamental questions a spiritual director might ask us when we share our life experiences is this: “Where is God in this for you?” It is a steadying question which we can ask ourselves as we try to navigate our life challenges.

We can trust that God is somewhere in every situation, either encouraging us to go forward or to retreat — in either case, calling us toward the Divine and Loving Will. As we deepen in our habits of prayer, grateful quiet, and merciful practice, we begin to see God more clearly in everything.

St. Benedict prayed for this kind of vision. May we share in his prayer.

“Almighty God, give me wisdom to perceive You, intelligence to understand You, diligence to seek You, patience to wait for You, eyes to behold You, a heart to meditate upon You and life to proclaim You, through the power of the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.” 

Music: I Can See – Steve Green
This song shares the experience of the Emmaus disciples as their eyes were opened and the saw Jesus walking with them along their life’s road.


4 thoughts on “I Can See

  1. Thanks for sharing the prayer of St Benedict – definitely one I would like to keep in my daily prayer at quiet time ! Thanks, Renee!

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