Sow for a Loving Harvest

July 27, 2018


Today, in Mercy, we begin about a two-week cycle of readings from Jeremiah and Matthew. Hand-in-hand, these call us to repentance, then show us the way to holiness.

Today, we think about Matthew. These readings are parts of the Third Discourse of his Gospel. It is sometimes referred to as the Discourse of Secrets because in it, Jesus teaches in riddles or parables.

Lk8_15 generous heart

Today’s parable is a familiar one – the sower and the seed. The image would have resonated easily with Jesus’s agrarian audience – and the green-thumbed among us! “Sow your seed on good soil or it will bear no harvest.”

Good soil doesn’t just happen. It takes work and vigilance to prepare a garden patch. This is the core of Jesus’ message – this is the secret of heaven:

  • Clear the rocks 
  • Loosen clumped resistances
  • Feed and nurture 
  • Check constantly for invasive weeds

So today, let’s:

  • Check our hearts for anything that blocks our openness to the Spirit
  • Examine any crippling prejudices we might be holding on to
  • Be sure we are feeding our souls with good spiritual reading and quiet reflection
  • Be aware of anything that pulls us away from kindness, truth, and love

Music: Planting Seeds : A Song of Life by Empty Hands Music

8 thoughts on “Sow for a Loving Harvest

  1. D. Gilmore

    What I like most about this post is the blending of Scripture, music and art – and today was a Banner Day! Thank you for this ministry- and for sharing your gifts!

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  2. Sue Worthington

    Love the comparisons between “good soil” and “open receptive souls”! Thank you, Renee!!
    Any chance you could link the music videos with closed captions for those who are hearing impaired?

    Liked by 1 person

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