In Remembrance

mom seaside

Go on…

Now, my mother done her dying,
I come back again to my own life
that I had taken off,
the way you take a coat off
and hang it on a hook behind the door
when seasons change,
sometimes forgetting where it is
until you feel the cold again.

When word that she was ill
fell like a wounded bird
into time’s tranquil pool,
I just ignored the cold.
I walked out into night
to take her hand as she
left quickly for its distant edge.

Through four cold months, we pulled
stars down to light that edge,
blue-hot stars we’d fired
in long years of love.

Family, friends and names that
dozed like dormant flowers in a field
flew up in such a rush of love
around us that November turned to May.

Then, one icy day in January,
I cleared our sidewalk of a heavy snow,
in brief, staccatoed intervals,
lest leaving her too long, the
fragile thread would break
without my benediction.

It was Tuesday, I remember,
but time was caught behind
a wall of silence.  It moved
at half-speed.  Within its womb
that birthed my mother to another life,
I was timeless, still, unborn again.

When my mother died, she did it
just as I had left my life
four months before, with
love and not a glance behind,
no brief regret to do
what faith required her to do.

She drew that thin last breath
from air we shared, as my cheek
laid tenderly on hers, I whispered,
“Go on … and I love you.”

Music: Halleluia – Leonard Chen – played here by:
Violin: Leonardo Barcellos: Cello: Daniel Enache; Guitar: Leonardo Barcellos

13 thoughts on “In Remembrance

  1. Sinéad Anna Chalke.

    Loved this post 💗
    My new one is here, give it a read when you can, I’d love some feedback 🌸🌸🌸

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    1. Sinéad Anna, I think it is a lovely prose poem … reminds me of James Joyce. I always like a little white space in writing … it gives a moment to absorb. You might want that. Thank you for visiting my site. Best to you.


  2. Cynthia

    Sister Renee so inspiring. I am moved by your words. They have a special significance for me and my siblings. These words describe us for our father. Thank you. Cynthia

    Liked by 1 person


    Rene, How thoughtful of you to send such a beautiful, heart-warming & consoling reflection in light of my dear friend, Kathleen Branson’s ,recent, fast & untimely death! I was touched by your gesture & comforted by your message. ❤️

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Dear Margaret, Kathleen was such a gift to your community, the Mount family and to the Church. We all mourn her untimely death and celebrate her Resurrection life with you. Prayers and love to you, Margaret, her dear friend.❤️🙏


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