Hidden Dance

Hidden Dance

Hidden Dance

How easily I let you go
when the final note was played,
with force as soft
as fracture of the chrysalis,
a breaking web collapsing
mutely in the shadowed night.

How easily it seemed
you slipped into another life,
as if it were familiar to you,
a practiced dance that I
was unaware you’d learned.

You fell in step with music
the living cannot hear.
Instead, I hear your absence
beating like a vacant drum
against the void you left behind.

I know I contradict the peace
with which you said goodbye.
It is as if, in me,
two different people loved you:
one was full of grace and gratitude,
and one still questions why.

Music:  Lux Aeterna – Edward Elgar – sung by Voces8

5 thoughts on “Hidden Dance

  1. Your poetry is beautiful dear Renee.It has been a week of sorrow .Isat and knelt at the Alter of Repose in the Chapel beneath the Church yesterday and felt such pain for Jesus. Are we worth his sacrifice? Love Donna

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  2. I am rereading some of your reflections and I especially love your poems.This one is lovely. These past two weeks have been very full and emotional.But yesterday a friend drove us to New Hope to the Playhouse .We saw/heard “In the Mood”.All WWII music and dance. Hard to sit still in my seat. Brought back a lot of memories–some very poignant.Hope you both are well and had a lovely Easter gathering of friends. Todays weather forcast is grim. I’m staying home and eating leftovers tonight. Lots of love Donna XOXO

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