Thank you, and an Invitation

thank you

A little note of gratitude to my followers on this blog. Several of you, whom I already know from FB and other spots, have joined recently. i really appreciate that! Thank you.

And thank you to all who take the time to hit the “Like” button. It helps me to understand if my efforts make a difference for you all. Love to you and thank you.

Please invite your friends to the blog if you think they might enjoy it. As of now, this blog had over 1000 followers all over the world! Imagine!

Your friends can just go to “” and click on the icon on the lower right corner to subscribe.

Blessings to you all, dear friends. Prayers for you, your families, and all your needs. ❤️

Sister Renee

(Remember, you can always reach me at


4 thoughts on “Thank you, and an Invitation

  1. I look forward to starting my day with lavish mercy . Sr Renee , you always seem to pick out or offer a phrase that makes me think … it helps my prayer and guides meditation . Thank you

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  2. Thanks Renee for reminding us of the “like ” button….I completely missed it! Like Stephen in your reflection today, you have the face of an angel, you ARE an ANGEL!


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