Don’t Take It for Granted

Wednesday of the Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time

September 4, 2019

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Today, in Mercy,  we begin a little over a week of readings from Colossians. Paul loves this community in a way similar to the Thessalonians. The Colossians’ faith has been tested and has proven true.

But Paul wants to protect their faith because it is being newly tested by a round of heresies and social challenges.

The words of these scriptures want to protect and direct us too.

We, like the people in today’s Gospel, are familiar with Jesus. But familiarity can breed things not so obvious as contempt. It can breed indifference, ingratitude, unexamined expectations, taking our blessings for granted. (Examination of Conscience Alert!!)


Both Colossians and Luke today encourage us to recognize the unparalleled gift of our faith – to protect, nurture, rejoice in and share it.

Just as in the whole world
the Gospel is bearing fruit and growing,

so also among you,
from the day you heard it
and came to know
the grace of God in truth.

Music: Bless Our God – John Foley (Lyrics below) Just a beautiful song — I love it!

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