A Birthday Reflection


“Before I formed you in the womb,
I knew you…
(Jeremiah 5:1)

On this, your birthday, God says to you:

Of all the myriad gifts of my creation,
this is the day I made you.
Rest in that thought.
I made you –
For this time in history,
to be in the world with these people,
to live in this place,
to know these times,
these cultures,
this evolution of my creation.


On the day I made you,
I made thousands of other creatures.
Human beings, each reflecting some facet of my infinite image.
Beautiful birds, riotous monkeys, infinitesimal ants.
My lava broke through earth’s crusts to form new islands.
I folded unseen mountains into yet undiscovered gorges,
bent rivers into surprise journeys,
washed entire beaches onto new shores.
I was busy the day I made you.
War raged and I welcomed its many victims into heaven.
More creatures died on your birthday than were born.
More came home to me than went out to begin their journey.


But you were one who went out.
When I opened my hand and breathed your journey into you,
I smiled.
I saw the wonders that could bless the world because of you.
I saw a rainbow of love, generosity, mutuality, happiness, encouragement,
and faith gathered like an unhatched egg in your heart.
I saw the storms and winds that would release that prism in your soul.
I saw it spread across a wide sky
because of all the years and experiences that I would give you.

 I saw the hint of sunrise in you.
Its name was mercy.
It was a gift fired by the energy of My own heart.
I looked beyond you to the cold and shadowed world
that you would comfort with its light and warmth.


I was happy on the day I made you.
I was filled with hope for the blessing you would be.
I am still filled with joy, hope and love for you
on this your long-after birthday.
You have tried to live my sacred dream for you.

Mercy word

As the sun rises glorious in the eastern sky,
I promise you a future full of love.
Notice that the western sky reflects the brilliance of the sunrise,
just as all the years now past assure you
of my presence at the core of your life.
You have been and are infinitely loved.
Be love in return.
Your days are replete with mercy.
Be mercy in return.
Be born again this day!




25 thoughts on “A Birthday Reflection

  1. Carol P


    I love your reflection and thank you for the wisdom and grace you always provide. Celebrate the day! You are a gift to many, and I am among them!


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  2. Patti McNamee

    Happy Birthday Renee! I look forward to this same milestone in June. For some reason I anticipate this step with an equal measure of peace and excitement. Our God has some plans we have yet to learn. May you be blessed with MERCY and HAPPINESS each and every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joanne McFall

    Dear Sister Renee,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday! Thank you for sharing this reflection and for always blessing us with your beautiful spirit and generous heart!

    Sending love and best wishes for a happy and healthy year,

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  4. Ginny Feeney

    Beautiful reflection, dear friend! The light of Mercy shines in you! Thankful for you and the gift that you are! Happy 75th Birthday!❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


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  5. Mary.k.galeone

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Renee. Your life has touched mine in ways you could not know. I thank you and I thank God for the gift of your life. To Life! Mary Galeone


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  6. Barbara Hoffman

    Happy Birthday, Reene. What a beautiful reflection of you, your birth and your life- MERCY. Each morning you gift us so richly. Many thanks and blessings all over on your Birthday.
    Gratefully, Barbara

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  7. Sue Worthington

    Oh, the wonders that bless our world, because God gave us YOU! Thank you for channeling all He has given you, to all of us. Wishing you many Blessings on your Birthday! The SON is shining on you today !

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