Big Changes Coming

Dear Friends,

First, I want to thank you for following Lavish Mercy. It both humbles and delights me that these daily reflections seem to be meaningful for so many people.

thank you

Second, I want to tell you about some upcoming changes to the blog.


As some of you longtime followers realize, I have been offering these posts for over two years.  Every lectionary reading has been covered, most of them twice. So I think it is time for a little change.



Beginning with the Tuesday, 6/2/2020 blog, I will shift to a reflection on the Psalms. Most often it will be the Psalm of the day, but sometimes a different Psalm or the Gospel Verse of the day. My plan is to reflect on the particular Psalm through poetry, music and a brief prayer.

I hope that many of you also share a love for the Psalms.  Sister Marilyn Sunderman wrote a beautiful piece on Catherine McAuley’s love of prayer and the Psalms. She wrote:

The Psalter of Jesus, one of Catherine’s favorite prayers, invokes Jesus’ name 150 times. Its themes—such as the need for God’s forgiving mercy, dependency on God’s help, reverence for Jesus’ person and ministry and gratitude for Jesus’ passion and death—resonated deeply with Catherine.

 The seven Penitential Psalms—6, 31 (32 in the New Revised Standard Version – NRSV), 37 (NRSV 38), 50 (NRSV 51), 101 (NRSV 102) 129 (NRSV 130) and 142 (NRSV 143) were also prayers Catherine often recited. These psalms are prayers for the repentance of sin and confidence in God’s mercy. (Sister Marilyn Sunderman)

To read Sister Marilyn’s entire article, click here.

For those who would still like to use the scripture readings of the day, you can access previous posts by means of the Archives listed on my blog.

I welcome your feedback on the change, either through the comments section on the blog or my e-mail:


To highlight this long-considered change, I am refreshing the blog’s look.  Cross your fingers with me that the renovation works!

Thanks for everything,

35 thoughts on “Big Changes Coming

  1. Lucille Hillerman

    I appreciate any scripture, including the psalms, you choose to write about. I look forward to the changes in your blog. Thanks, Renee!❤️🙏

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  2. Sr. Mary Anne Basile

    Renee, whatever you present so enriches our thoughts for the day. I am fine with wherever you decide. There are multiple reflections on the readings of the day but not any on the psalms. I welcome your new inspiration to inspire me. Thanks so much for all your care and ongoing reflection aides. Mary Anne

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  3. Marilyn Lewis

    Looking forward to your reflections of the Psalms. There is a time for everything Renee. Looking forward in gratitude for the next part of your journey. Thank you.♥️

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  4. Robyn Hunt

    Renee I am excited and looking forward to your reflections on the Psalms – your generosity of spirit in sharing your reflections with us has given me many blessings over the past year – thank you and thank God for your wonderful gifts – from the Gold Coast in Australia

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  5. Carmel Kropp

    Dear Renee, you are a gift ~ as is everything you write and post! Thank you for your past, current, and future posts. Thank you for being a blessing to me and countless others…🙏

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  6. Patti McNamee

    My sister Catherine and I have started to share your posts . We are happy to reflect on the prompts you offer and find sacred time gift wrapped by your spiritual journey. We will look forward to being inspired with reflections on the Psalms. Thanks so much for putting your heart and soul into this work of mercy!

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  7. Marian Catholic

    For me, the Psalms of David is the most personal book in the Bible. The entire collection has served as a daily prayer book for me. So, I look forward to joining you in this new spiritual journey of prayer and reflection. I believe the pandemic is a wake-up call to how vital daily prayer is in our pilgrimage of faith. Now is the time to rejuvenate our prayer life and draw closer to God our refuge. Thanks, Renee, for the two years of bringing the word of God from the parish lectionary to our homes and for this new chapter of enriching our daily prayer life. June 2nd marks a new chapter in our journey of faith and growing in God’s grace through the thoughts you share. See you then.

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  8. Mary Bilderback

    Dear Renee, thank you for 2 years of inspiring words and art and music — indeed your special flourish — a lavish benefaction to us all. I look forward to singing along when you break open the Psalms.

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  9. Barbara Smiley

    Renee, I’ve always looked forward to your wisdom each day. I love the psalms and am grateful for your insight. I’m always amazed that you are so faithful to us!

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  10. Sue Worthington

    Each and every daily reflection you have shared with us has been an invitation to open our hearts to the Lord in so many ways. I look forward to you sharing the Psalms and bringing us deeper in prayer. God blessed you with an incredible gift – we thank Him for you sharing that with us.

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  11. Kate O’Donnell

    Renee dear, so many thanks for all the love of God inside you that you so lovingly share with us! I am a better person for the gift of this. Any changes will be more gratefully received.

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  12. Mary.k.galeone

    Thank you for the depth of all you have shared. It has been very rich and an integral part of my daily prayer.

    In joyful anticipation, Mary


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  13. Donna Haney

    Sounds great Renee.I will be there every day. NewApple lap top to be sey up tomorroe. I charged it but beyond that I havent a clue. Hope it spells better.Love on your new venture. Donna

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless Device

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