An Announcement

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Hello, friends.
You will notice a few extra Lavish Mercy postings in the next few hours. Here’s why:
Sister Kate and I are sharing a retreat with a small group of Mercy Associates.
We are doing this by way of Lavish Mercy.
I could have made the retreat private for Associates only, 
but I could not prevent WordPress from sending all followers an email notification of the postings.
I thought that would make you all curious about the contents.
So I have left the postings public.
Feel free to enjoy them if you wish.
And thanks so much for your daily support. 
Sister Renee

7 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. Sheryl James

    Good morning. I hafd just received the retreat emails here in New Zealand. I am sister of mercy and mg ministry us residential aged care.

    Am I able to use some of your information in my ministry.

    Sheryl James rsm

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  2. Sue Worthington

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful retreat reflections – they definitely are a gift to use during prayer, as well as the music you include. God bless you, Renee, for all you share.


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