Psalm 106: Remember!

Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent

March 18, 2021

Today, in God’s Lavish Mercy, we pray with Psalm 106 which, together with our other readings, focuses on the image of Moses – both the original Moses and the “New Moses” who is Jesus Christ.

Both figures led their people from slavery to freedom. Both help their people be “re-membered” – their broken pieces gathered back and the Body “remembered” – made whole again.

In Psalm 106, the psalmist speaks for a repentant community which recognizes that, time and again, God has met their sinfulness with mercy. God has made them whole again after their fracturing infidelities.

Their grateful and confident prayer grows from this sacred remembering. It teaches them not to be like their forefathers who worshipped the golden calf in place of the one, true God:

They forgot the God who had saved them…

Psalm 106: 21

We, too, sometimes “forget” God’s central place in our lives. Some very frivolous “golden calves” take over our love and attention. Money, fame, power, image – they all can take the pedestal on occasion. 

And maybe the worst idol we can enthrone is ourselves – the all-consuming power of self-absorption that breaks us off from both God and the community.

Today with Psalm 106, we humbly pray to be “re-membered” – “Confitemini, Domino”

Give thanks to the LORD, who is good,
whose mercy endures forever.
    Who can recount the mighty deeds of the LORD,
    proclaim in full God’s praise?
Blessed those who do what is right,
whose deeds are always just.
    Remember me, LORD, as you favor your people;
    come to me with your saving help,
That I may see the prosperity of your chosen ones,
rejoice in the joy of your people,
and glory with your heritage.

Poetry: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY by Rachel Barenblat who writes a great blog called The Velveteen Rabbi

Already so many changes.
Our long column of refugees
snaking into the wilderness.
Through the sandal-sucking mud
where the waters had been.
Their men and horses consumed.
And then that Voice
speaking directly into us,
reverberating in our chests...!
But Moshe ascended by himself
into the sapphire sky
and he didn't come back.
Of course we asked Aharon 
to make something to remind us
we weren't as alone as we felt.

Music: Le Veau d’Or (The Golden Calf) by Faust from the opera Mephistopheles, Act II

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