Bach Cantata BWV 1 “Wie Schön Leuchtet Der Morgenstern – Cantata for the Annunciation

On this special feast, I wanted to share an extra post with a lovely piece of music from Bach.

I love this feast so much. In 1963, March 25th was the date when I decided to become a Sister of Mercy. With dear Mary’s help, I have been slowly becoming one ever since.

I pray with Bach’s beautiful music today while thanking God and Mary for the gift of my call to Mercy.

I pray in gratitude for all of you who have given Mercy a human face in my life.

1. How brightly shines the Morning Star!

What ray divine streams from afar!

    God’s glory there is shining.

Bright beam of God, which scatters night,

And guides the wandering soul aright,

    Which after truth is pining!

        Jesus, God’s Word, truth revealing,

        Sorrow healing. Sooth our sighing,

        Dry our tears, and end our dying.

2. My comfort here, my joy above,

Man’s Son, Son of the Father’s love,

    Enthroned in highest heaven.

With my whole heart Thy praise I sing;

To Thee, our Prophet, Priest and King,

    Be endless honors given.

        Saviour, To Thee, trusting, clinging,

        Come I bringing Soul and spirit,

        Thee, my portion, to inherit.

3. Aid me, my God, to sing Thy praise,

Thine ageless love, Thy matchless grace,

    In Christ, our Lord, appearing.

When such a gift God gave for thee,

When such a brother true is He,

    Why still my soul be fearing?

        Choose Him, know Him, greatest, dearest,

        Best and nearest, To befriend thee

        ‘Gainst all foes who may offend thee.

4. To him who conquered death and hell,

To him let joyous anthems swell

    Throughout heaven’s great for ever.

Praise to the Lamb that once was slain,

Glory to him who bore our pain,

    Flow on, an endless riverl

        Earth and heaven—creatures lowly,

        Angels holy—join your voices,

        Till the world with praise rejoices.

5. Rejoice, ye heavens; thou, earth, reply;

With praise, ye sinners, fill the sky,

    For this, his incarnation.

Incarnate God, put forth thy power,

Ride on, ride on, great Conqueror,

    Till all know thy salvation.

        Amen, amen: hallelujah!

        Hallelujah! praise be given

Evermore by earth and heaven!

6 thoughts on “Bach Cantata BWV 1 “Wie Schön Leuchtet Der Morgenstern – Cantata for the Annunciation

  1. Mary Whomsley

    Blessings to you on your special day Renee! You are one of the best gifts that the Sisters of Mercy has given to the world. Thank you for your love, kindness and wisdom! ❤️🙏☮️🌼

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cathy Franklin

    Blessings on this beautiful day. Oh what a beautiful Sister of Mercy you are !! May you continue to share your gifts for many years to come. It is a blessing to know you

    Liked by 1 person

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