Brothers Forever

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Today, in Mercy, we celebrate the feast of the Apostles Philip and James. One might wonder why they are paired, as it might seem more likely to join Philip with his friend Nathaniel, and James with his brother Jude. Instead, what connects Philip and James is that their relics were brought to Rome and buried on the same day – May 3. After having worked and given their whole lives to God, these brothers in Christ were destined to be side by side until eternity. Being buried beside our beloveds is a theme throughout biblical and other cultures. Consider the beautiful story of Ruth and Naomi to which today’s song refers. To be so buried suggests that we have found a union of heart in life which endures through death. It is a union based in a shared Love of God. May we be so blessed.

The relics of Philip and James are buried here in Rome under St. Peter’s Basilica.

This tender song reminds us that love endures beyond death.

2 thoughts on “Brothers Forever

  1. Beautiful, Renee! That’s what relationship is all about. Thank you for reminding me to work on my most important relationship! God bless!

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