As I Have Loved You

Friday, May 4, 2018


Today, in Mercy, Jesus speaks his most loving words to his disciples. We can see them gathered around Jesus in the candlelit room. They are both dreading and longing for these precious words, both a confirmation of love and declaration of departure. But the words give them courage and they feel resolve rising in their hearts to be all that Jesus hopes them to be.

These same words follow us down through the ages, comforting and strengthening us to be all that Jesus dreams for us.

(Photo of Motherhouse of the Sisters of Mercy in Merion, PA, USA.  Note highlighted motto at top of photo. It has comforted and impelled many a Mercy heart. The magnificent song from Bob Dufford, SJ captures all of Jesus’ Last Discourse in John’s Gospel. PS: For those of you who know Sister Kate, she is one of the Sisters kneeling in adoration.)

Merion chapel shaded

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