Courage to Dance?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Today, in Mercy, we follow Paul to Athens where he preaches a beautiful and reasonable sermon to the thoughtful Greeks. These were people proud of their intellects and dedicated to philosophy. They desired a reasonable god, a god that they could control and explain.

But the Christian God is not reasonable. God is infinite mystery plumbed only by abandoning ourselves to faith, trust, hope and love. Our God will not be controlled by theses, explanations or definitions. Our God will not be “ordered”, but rather invites us to the abundant chaos of Divine Life. Only a few Athenians had the courage to meet this God.

In our highly intellectualized, scientifically ordered society, there are fewer brave believers today. It takes a large mind and soul to embrace the dance of both reason and faith. Are you one of the dancers?

Acts 17_28 Dance

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