Second String

Monday, May 14, 2018


Today, in Mercy, on this feast of St. Matthias, we read about his election into the company of the Apostles.  Matthias was a bench player, a second stringer.   He had been with the disciples from the very beginning.  But, it was Judas Iscariot who was originally chosen for the A-team! Ultimately, through his faithful and enduring commitment, Matthias emerged as the one to take up the slack when Judas failed so miserably. His humble fidelity was recognized.

If we have ever felt like a second string, we can find consolation in Matthias.  And we might consider how important a second string is in music. Not only can the phrase indicate a back-up string should one break, it also is the name for the D string on musical instruments. Imagine how the great music of the world would be changed if second strings did not exist!

Act 1_26 Matthias

Music: Mstislav Rostropovich playing Cello Adagio in D minor by Alessandro Marcello

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