The Work of God’s Hands

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Today, in Mercy, Jeremiah provides us with the memorable image of the potter and the clay.

If you have ever worked in ceramics or sculpting, you know how the artist becomes one with her work. A shapeless lump of earth takes on an identity within your hands. Ever so delicately, you work to find the potential beauty in the clay. We might begin over and over until we find the perfect dynamic between our hands and the malleable clay.

Jer18_5 potter

Just the right touch, the perfect pressure, and something new – never here before – emerges. The new creation, while existing itself, holds the Potter’s character. It embodies her effort and hope. It is a physical testimony to her dream.

In this scripture passage, God is telling Jeremiah that this is how it is with Israel (and in place of Israel, we can read our own names.) Through the circumstances and opportunities of our lives, God is shaping his dream – the Divine hope for a loving creature who reflects the beauty of God.

As we deepen in our spiritual life, we become more sensitive to God’s touch, more aware of God’s creative presence in our lives. God reworks us, offering us the perfection of grace over the course of our lifetimes. May we have the wisdom to yield to God’s intention in our lives – to make, as Mother Theresa says, “something beautiful for God”.

Music: Abba, Father ~ John Michael Talbot

7 thoughts on “The Work of God’s Hands

  1. Love this John Michael Talbot song – may we all become the clay in His hands and be molded into “something beautiful for God” – love how Mother Teresa phrased this transformation we aspire to!


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