Mary, Mother of Jesus

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Queen of Heaven

Today, in Mercy, we celebrate the Feast of the Queenship of Mary.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, plays a key role in the faith of Catholics and many other Christian believers. But a clear theology of Mary has, over the centuries, become entangled with some unhelpful and pietistic devotions. These have limited the power of the reality of Mary to speak to our faith heritage with full meaning.

Theologian Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ has done much to relieve that entanglement in her books Truly Our Sister. For your thoughtful prayer this morning, here are two key summaries in the author’s own words:

We began by asking what would be a theologically sound, spiritually empowering and ethically challenging view of Mary, mother of Jesus the Christ, for the 21st century. Our answer leads along the path of remembrance in the communion of saints. To relate to Miriam of Nazareth as a partner in hope in the company of all the graced women and men who have gone before us; to be encouraged by her mothering of God to bring God to birth in our own world; to reclaim the power of her dangerous memory for the flourishing of suffering people; and to draw on the energy of her memory for a deeper relationship with the living God and stronger care for the worldthis theological approach fits at least one pattern of contemporary spirituality. When the Christian community remembers like this, Mary the friend of God and prophet inspires the lives of women and men alike.
—- Mary of Nazareth: Friend of God and Prophet, America magazine, June 17, 2000

“Remembering Mary as a friend of God and prophet in the communion of saints, a woman who is truly sister to our strivings, allows the power of her life to play in the religious consciousness of the church, encouraging ever-deeper relationship with the living God in whom our spirits rejoice, and allying us with God’s redemptive designs for the hungry, the lowly, and all those who suffer, including in an unforgettable way women with their children in situations of poverty, prejudice, and violence.”
— Truly Our Sister

Music: Magnificat ~ sung by the Daughters of Mary

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