Wait on the Lord

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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Today, in Mercy,  we find so many singular, profound words in Sirach. Each word is like a deep pool that can be prayed into, like a diver becoming one with the water.


Sirach is instructing his “son” on relationship with God. As we pray with the reading, we can focus on these words. We can ask for the grace to enrich our friendship with God by deepening in these virtues:

Justice —- Sincerity—- Steadfastness—-
Peacefulness —- Patience —- Trust —-
Mercy —- Hope —- Spiritual Insight—-
Compassion —- Forgiveness

In our Gospel, the disciples need a reminder about which virtues lead to true greatness. Like them, we all get off track sometimes about our own self-importance.

Jesus brings their focus back to truth by placing a little child in their midst. Let’s pray today for a graceful re-focusing of our hearts.

“If anyone wishes to be first,   
he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.”
Taking a child, Jesus placed her in their midst,   

and putting his arms around her, he said to them,
“Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me;
and whoever receives me,
receives not me but the One who sent me.”

Music: Be Still – Mary McDonald – Sunday 7pm Choir

One thought on “Wait on the Lord

  1. Dear Mary

    For whatever reason I thought of you in a coming home moment last night, toward a welcome free day today. Then I woke to that same remembering this morning… followed by sitting with the musics of this lavish mercy now…

    We miss you in the states, but if there is a place I like to picture you it is at Catherine’s place there in the Emerald Isle.

    All is moving along here as always, and when one takes time to STOP, all is good. The finance office continues to set one roadblock after another in front of us, thank goodness there is care among us. Right now I am knocking my socks off getting one donation after another, if not the f. Office I know my colleagues are totally appreciative.

    We still face being evicted and needing to move, but while we go on working fast and furiously each day, nothing is definite yet. I’m sure with everyone else you se a place to sign on to a petition not to evict s. Norma. I may be the only rsm not signed onto that, in my position I am not sure about my name appearing there. So it is not appearing. There are enough others of us!

    So I am doing a combination of being still and moving maybe a little slow through all that needs to be done on this free day. Rosemarie and I are going to spend a welcome hour this afternoon… 😊😊😊

    As best I am able I am settling into the sigh today… spending a moment here with you as you know is very helpful toward that. Ty for what you are about there, sending you care and energy for that.

    Muc( love Anne

    Join a Sister of Mercy offering compassion and hospitality at the Texas Border. Gifts may be sent to: Sisters of Mercy (Please mark “Border Aid”) c/o Sisters of Mercy-Border Aid Development Office 515 Montgomery Avenue Merion, PA 19066 If you would like to speak to Sister Anne Connolly: (215) 539 7393 annecbba@yahoo.com


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