Poems for Psalm 119

I forgot to include some poetry for today’s Psalm.  These are two of mine. I hope they are helpful for your prayer. Thank you for receiving them.

Morning Prayer


I walk the earth, soft
from yesterday’s long rain.
Mists ascend like incense
under my indulgent footsteps.
Bird songs thin themselves
between the early light;
a chanting, contrapuntal, in
the well-laved trees.

Nothing grey is left now
in the wide sky.
Rinsed in light,
it spreads to dry
in sere, blue wind.

Momentarily, earth
is wholly God’s;
deep, true colors fall to it,
rich, unshadowed.
Your Word, Creator,
WaterGod, has penetrated.
It comes back to You in
crystal images
from an uncomplicated world.

As if within a lucent globe
I hold You still,
in perfect, silent love,
clear, inexplicable
like sunlit rain.




The hands of God love me
when I cannot see God’s face.
Like salve, they warmly run
Over, in and out of me,
pausing where my hurt is knotted,
barbed to their approach…

mother’s hands, lover’s, friend’s,
my own hands all held in God’s hands,
healing self-estrangement.

I come to God’s hands
like parched earth
stretches for redeeming rain.

Even in the deep night,
where God will not speak,
those loving hands are words
which I answer in the darkness.

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