Prince of Peace

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Readings: Click here for readings

Today, in Mercy,  majestic Isaiah bursts out, full-throated, in proclamation! 

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Messianic Psalm 72 picks up his jubilant strain.

Justice shall flourish in his time,
and fullness of peace for ever.

And in our Gospel, Jesus affirms that the childlike will share the jubilation.

What a joy to hear these hope-filled readings once again!

We look forward with avid anticipation to  the redemption of all Creation in Christ.  We long for the One born in the Spirit of the Lord who will lead us with wisdom and understanding.

As Handel intones in today’s musical selection, “The government shall be upon his shoulders …” – that realm of peace, love, mutual respect and appreciation that will allow even the rival animals to lie down beside one another in security.

Today, let us pray with Jesus as he speaks with his Father in our Gospel: “I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth…” 

… and I ask you to bless our world with a foretaste of the peace you have promised. Let us see one another as sister and brother, not as enemy, foreigner, or rival. Let us put away the words of alienation, stereotyping and hatred. Let us all become your children once again.

Music:  For Unto Us A Child Is Word – Handel’s Messiah

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