Open Your Heart’s Gate

Monday of the Fourth Week of Easter

May 13, 2019

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Today, in Mercy, our readings again visit the question, “Who belongs to family of God?”.

love like God

Peter, upon returning to Jerusalem from Joppa, faces the Jewish Christians who are only learning how to live their new faith. They don’t get it that Gentiles are invited too to this emerging faith community.

They, like many of us, find security in the categories we build into our lives. We separate those who belong and don’t belong – sometimes to assure ourselves that we belong in certain preferred categories. We decide who is OK and who is not. The Gentiles were not OK church members for the Jerusalem Christians.

Peter is very patient with these critics. Point by point, he explains how his own understanding was informed by the Holy Spirit, so that he saw clearly that Christ’s invitation was for all people.

This reading challenges us to examine our “categories”, our biases and prejudices. Who is OK in my book, and who is suspect or questionable? In my thinking, who has a “right” to certain goods, positions and privileges? Who would I not invite to my table based on my predetermined “categories”?

With Christ, there are no privileged categories. We are each the privileged child of God, universally redeemed in the blood of Christ.

As I pray with this thought today, how might my attitudes and choices be affected?

Music: We are Called – David Haas

5 thoughts on “Open Your Heart’s Gate

  1. Ellen has that right! I love “We Are Called”, one of my all time favorites. We sung it on Saturday at the Covenant Mass. The words of Micah are simple to speak, maybe not so easy to live. Thanks, Renee! ❤️🙏

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      1. Thank you, Renee! I thank God every day for the good Sisters of Mercy, especially those I call friends. I also thank Him for the awesome gift of trying to live Mercy. What a humbling honor to answer the call. ❤️🙏

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  2. All are invited to the marriage feast of the Lamb. To worthily enter, what matters is that we wear white robes. Unfortunately, there are parishes in our mega dioceses whose general members are defined by ethnicity, economic class, or educational standing.

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